Titanic Golf Club from 55€


Designed by the Architects of Hawtree Golf Course of the United Kingdom

Established on 110 Hectares of area

The first 27 holed golf course of Turkey

Potential to organize a 9-Hole Championship with 3 Options – Variable 27 Holes option.

Titanic Golf Club presents a pleasing experience for professionals and a perfect training potential for the amateurs.



The River 1


369 • 350 • 315 • 309


Par 4


Easy start, even if a slice with the first shot of your
game, lands on the neighboring fairway it won’t
give too much trouble. The group of trees, placed
right of the green are still far enough away and are
easily played over.

The River 2


492 • 470 • 440 • 402


Par 5


This is the place where you have the first wonderful
view from the tee of the green and the Taurus
Mountains in the background! Only a brook at 260 m
from the tee defends the fairway. For the second
shot you have the choice between playing and
aggressive. Fairway wood or a safe shot in front of
the fairway bunkers to set up an easy shot to the

The River 3


396 • 365 • 337 • 312


Par 4


A lake on the left side and a small river at 240 m
could influence your drive. The shot to the green is
long but reasonable as only a bunker to the right
side of the green defends it.

The River 4


168 • 165 • 120 • 115


Par 3


A gorgeous view from the largest Dune across a lake
towards a big green with the Mountain range in the
background. Only too short, a shot will be punished
by the water hazard.

The River 5


345 • 324 • 311 • 283


Par 4


Here the view goes over pine trees placed in the
middle of the fairway to an elevated green. Only a
very accurate drive gets over these pine trees.

The River 6


482 • 468 • 456 • 422


Par 5


Take some time to enjoy the view from the elevated
tee to the river on the right and the Mediterranean
Sea on the horizon. As it is the most difficult hole of
the first 9 holes course the tee shot demands your
full attention.

The River 7


288 • 280 • 265 • 227


Par 4


The easiest hole on the first 9 hole with the river on
the right hand side: the only difficulty is being the
bunkers on the right hand side of the fairway at 215
and 240 m with these behind you, have a short
approach to the green, a very good change for a

The River 8


166 • 148 • 135 • 122


Par 3


Only a shot to the right of the green will bring
trouble. Take care of the pin position and choose
your club wisely. A poor shot onto the green will
leave a very long Putt.

The River 9


382 • 355 • 336 • 306


Par 4


The distance is the challenge on this hole. The best
direction for you drive is on the left side of the
fairway, with the driving range in the back ground. If
the pin position is on the left Beware of the bunker
and water hazard which are also placed down the
left hand side.

The Mediterranean 10


507 • 458 • 311 • 432


Par 5


The best direction for the tee shot is on the right half
of the hill. If the drive is placed at 200 to 225 m or
over 245 m the ball rolls from a slight down hill lie to
­at lies slight dog leg left leaves an easy second shot
a Fairway wood.


The Mediterranean 10

The Mediterranean 11


134 • 128 • 112 • 92


Par 3


My favorite view a panorama of the Taurus range
with more than 220 mountains and the Mediterranean
Sea on the other side! Here you have to play
over a slope before the green. A shot short or left of
the green will leave you in trouble.

The Mediterranean 12


371 • 355 • 247 • 338


Par 4


On the right the sea in fascinating colors and in the
background the Belek Hotels. The out of bounds on
the right and a pin on the left hand side of the
fairway make this hole the most ‑difficult.

The Mediterranean 13




Par 4


The easiest hole of the second 9 hole. The direct shot
to the green is made harder by fairway bunkers at
200 to 225 m. Fade the drive and you will have the
best change to attack the green.

The Mediterranean 14


384 • 364 • 354 • 326


Par 4


A dog leg right with a view of the Club House. The
best place for your drive is on the left hand side of
the fairway. There the ball has a change of a bounce
forward to the middle of the fairway leaving an
optimal shot to the green.

The Mediterranean 15


330 • 306 • 284 • 277


Par 4


Here precision is more important than distance a
pine tree on the right side at 225 m defends the
driving zone, take your time on the shot to the
green. The green is larger than you think.

The Mediterranean 16


162 • 136 • 119 • 114


Par 3


Shots which are too short will be punished. With the
green on an up hill slope its important to be precise.

The Mediterranean 17


380 • 359 • 321 • 315


Par 4


The direct line to the green is defended by three
pines on the left half of the fairway. The tight 20 m
wide drive zone lies to the right side of the fairway
between 3 pine trees and fairway bunker, shot left in
front of the pine trees leaves a very long approach
shot to an elevated green.

The Mediterranean 18


438 • 417 • 383 • 379


Par 4


The view to the 18th takes in the terrace of the Club
house. Distance is demanded to give yourself a
change to reach the green in two from the elevated
tee. The driving zone is defended by a fairway
bunker at 210 m. To ensure par, keep the second
shot left of the water hazard and green for an easy
approach shot.

The Forest 19




Par 4


A slight dog leg left with a view of the Mediterranean
Sea in the background 190 m to the left are
fairway bunkers and 210 m to the top of the rising
slope makes for a difficult tee shot. The largest
green on the course makes it necessary to look
carefully where the pin position is.

The Forest 20


347 • 339 • 315 • 280


Par 4


This hole lies parallel to the 19th Fairway a number
of pine trees border the out of bounds makers
right of the fairway, which makes this dog leg
hole dangerous to shorten. A good chance for a

The Forest 21


401 • 390 • 379 • 345


Par 4


A good view from the elevated tee of a lake on the
left hand side and another lake in front from the
boundaries of the 250 m driving zone. The optimal
line of play is over the pines on the right side of
the fairway at a distance of 145 m and a height of
about 10 m the shot to the green is defended by
the lake to the right and two bunkers on the left
hand side.

The Forest 22


482 • 465 • 444 • 396


Par 5


First have a look from the professional tee before
you take the challenge of the blind shot over the
summit of the hill about 150 m away. From the tee
aim for the group of pine trees at the left of the

The Forest 23


327 • 304 • 294 • 273


Par 4


Another chance for a Birdie: The drive zone is 35
m wide and offers you an easy shot from the tee.
The green is defended only by a large bunker to
the right which leaves an uncomplicated shot to
the green.

The Forest 24


166 • 143 • 126 • 111


Par 3


If the pin position is hidden on left side of the
green behind the pine tree at 135 m you have a
real challenge. The green is defended by a bunker
short and left of the green.


The Forest 25


481 • 449 • 429 • 379


Par 5


The first shot has a wide landing zone. The water
hazard on the left side begins at 210 m and the
group of Eucalyptus trees start at a distance of 265
m. With the water hazard to the left a small river in
front and two bunkers on the right side of the
fairway. You should take care with your second shot.
The green is large, make sure that you get over the
green side bunker.

The Forest 26


129 • 121 • 97 • 90


Par 3


Enjoy the view back onto the 25th hole and the view
down to the green. The small green, with bunkers in
front and side, make pin positions in the front
difficult to play, aim for the middle of green.

The Forest 27


395 • 361 • 350 • 327


Par 4


The last tee shot of the 19 to 27 demands a precise and
long drive. The landing area is defended by a water
hazard to the left and fairway bunker to the night. For
the shot to the green make sure that you have covered
enough distance to clear the water hazard. The green is
large and there is enough space left of the green to
attack it even with a fairway wood