Here we ask our customers on an
objective feedback on their golf travel with us:

October 15th
Thank you for a dlightful week.The courses are geat and the hotel Cornelia Diamond was just wonderful !
Special thanks to Delam and Ahmet who have both taken very good care of me.
Hage Golf


October 6th
Thank you for a lovely stay n Belek.We have had the best time with excellent service on and
off the golf courses !Love !
Mo L Rana/ Monna og Vaden


Belek, 22.10
We have had one week with excellent courses (Pines, Dunes, Tat, Pasha). Excellent hotel (Sueno). Thank\’s
to Mustafa and Lena, very good service! We will be back! 🙂
Anja Karlsen, Aage Holand, Gudvar Andreassen, Tove L.Andreassen.
Vesteraalen Golfklubb, Norway


Belek, 29.09.-06.10
We played Sultan Course, Dunes, Tat and Kaya Eagles Golf Club. We think that Sultan course was
the best course. The other courses were also good. The hotel Kaya Belek is a good hotel and we enjoyed it.
Din Golfreise and Belka Golf were very nice to us and they drived us where we wanted and they
helped us when we needed help.They do did a great job. Thank you.
Simen B.Lofthus & Sylvia Lofthus
Asker GK, Norway


Belek 25.09
We have been here one week, playing golf in Pahsa, Tat and Dunes and we are very, very satisfied.
A great thank to Lena, Mustafa and our driver Ahmed, they gave us an excellent service all the time.
Greetings from
Kjersti Thomassen & Tom Eirik Thomassen
Moss og Rygge Golfklubb


Belek, 21.09
Kristin and I have spent a very fine week here in Kadriye/ Belek at the Sirene Hotel.
Golf has been first class. Food and other hotel services very good. Our organiser have done an excellent job.
One thing through: why is it impossible to watch the golf event nr.1 The Ryder Cup in a Golf Hotel?
All in all a very fine week. May be we will return.
Lars G.Johansen,
Larvik GC, Norway


Belek, 17.09
Dear Mustafa,
Our first golf visit to Belek has been excellent.
Thank you for your kind hospitality and extra service during our 2 weeks in Belek. We will tell our golf friends in
Kristiansand/ Norway that Belka Golf Club in Belek will be the best golf holiday they can get.
Thank you – we will be back!
Astrid Unn Balchen Gjertsen, Steinar Gjertsen
Bjavann Golfklubb – Kristiansand


April 12th

Thank you for a very nce week of golf.We stayed in Cornelia Diamond.It’s a excellent hotel !
The service was much more excellent than we expected.
Our transportation,service,food,golf courses and the weather have been the top !!
Thank to Belka Golf for their extra service and safety !
We recommend this concept to all other golfers !!!
Friendly Regards
Jnger B. Breccerd


April 9th
Thanks for a wonderful holiday thet we had .The hotel and the golf courses were excellent !
We like to come back soon !
Elin Hualstad


April 4th
Thank you for a wonderful 7 days.Everything was perfect ! This is the best Golf destination
We have ever been … See you next year !
Tove Petersen/Jossi Dund


April 4th
Excellent two weeks holiday in Belek.Playing golf at Tat,National,Carya and Montgomerie
Belka Golf Club has done a very good job !


Apri 1st
This was a fantastic holday in Turkey. Excelent service and golf courses…
We hope that we will be back !
Tom Birkelund


March 28th
We had a fantastic week playing golf at TAT Hotel and Montgomerie golf courses and spending
the rest of our time in Susesi Hotel.Beatifully located at the oceon with the fantastic mountains
in the backround.Thank you for the perfect shuttle service.
Anne O Eul Tuorsby


March 28th
Thank you for a nice week.The hotel was super and we appreciated all the help we got from you !
We will travel with you the next time we go to Turkey to play golf !
Thanks from Ester Alrek and Merete Wrangell.


March 11th
Tank you very much for an excellent week . The Hotel Sueno was very good.Excellent food,
nice rooms and a friendly staff. The golf courses were excellent,with a + for Carya.
Thanks a lot from the group of Borrgard Goethlubb Norway
J.Heidushun on behalf of the group…


Thanks lot for excellent service and the opportunity to play a number of nice golf courses
in Belek.See you next year !
Tore Syuersen


Belek, 31.01
Four golfers from Moss, Norway had a nice time in Belka. Susesi hotel was excellent and so were
the golfcourses Tat and National. We would very much like to come back. Don’t tell anyone,
but we all thought Elena was a very nice person!
Terje Baard Aasen (Mork GK)
Paul Svendsen (Mork GK)
Hans Grobstok (Moss og Rygge GK)
Reidar Halvorsen (Moss og Rygge GK)


We are four norwegian golfers living at Febeach Hotel. We have played at Tat and National GC.
We have had a very nice time at the course and at the hotel. Belka Golf Club has given us
a good service and we will tell the norwegian agent that everything has worked out nice.
Thank you so much.
Solveig & Anders Viig (Vestfold GK)
Karin Syrstad (Rjekstad GK)
Erik Syrstad (Asker GK)
P.S. A tribute to Elena!


Belek, 07.02
To all in Belka Golf! Thanks for 7 good golf days! Good courses and nice weather!
And to you in Belka Golf! You are very nice,
helpsom and good care taken!
Yhanks from:
Morten Hennie (Notteroy Golfklubb)
Per Edvardsen (Ballerud Golfklubb)
Gieorg Harbitz (Tyrifjorden Golfklubb)
Trond Soot (Oslo Golfklubb)


Thank you very much for excellent service!
We are looking forward to our next visit and taking more friends with us.Thank you Ahmed for transport
wherever we needed.Thank you Lena for looking after us and your beautiful smile! JTakk til ‘tronderen’,
netse gang mad u servere ‘karsk’.

Thank you Mustafa for showing us around! We know you and
Belka Golf are ready to do what is needed for us to have
a perfect golf holiday!
See you soon!
Rune Kristiansen (Elverum Golfklubb, Gran Golfklubb)
Runar Jeistad (Elverum Golfclubb)


Belek, 03.12
Dear Mustafa,
After enjoying 18 days in Belek, playing 14 rounds of golf, having a very nice time with
you and your personel – İ here to say İ am sad to leave, but happy to confirm that İ am coming back in February!
Thanks for all superb service! Wishing you and Belka Golf the best fort he future and for co-operations fort he future!
Terje Ruud Johnsen
Marketing Manager
Hauger Golfbane AS


Belek, 06.12
Our holiday was very good golf week. The golf courses were in good conditions. We liked Gloria and Sueno
duns the best. The service from Belka Golf Tourism was very good. Lena, our guide, was excellent and
always there when we need her. The shuttle was always precise in time and very helpful.

Don’t worry be happy.
Always look on the bright side of life.
J Per Rydning, Hane Rydning
(Grenland Golfklubb)


Belek, 06.12
Thank you for a nice holiday.
We had a beautiful weather for golf. The golf course were fun to play. The service were very good and maybe we will
be back next year? Your sincerly,
Marianne & Ragnar Rogn
(Grenland Golfklubb)


Belek, 22.11.-29.11
Lena + Mustafa + Ahmed!
Thank you for hosting this trip for us so nicely!
Your service was excellent and we will have no problems with recommending Belka Golf to friends and family.
Golfing in Turkey was an exotic treat and we will be back for more shanks, hooks and tripk bogeys..insh Allah!!
John Melby, Stig Furnes, Terje Svendsen,
Gunnar Thogersen, Tor Haugerud,Hans-Petter Kristiansen


Thank you for a wonderful week here in Turkey.
The golf course was excellent.
The arrangement, the hotel with its facilities, the staff and food was all up to a high Standard.
We hope to be back some time.
Best regards from all of us in
Hans-Petter Jahre


Belek, 21.11
Thank you for an excellent holliday!
We have been 6 persons from Norway and have been here one week.We want to come back here soon!
Were good Spa and everything! 🙂
Love from
May-Britt and Johnny
Wivi Ann and Steinar
Gro & Roger


To all the staff at Belka Golf Club.
Thank you for a very nice stay! Enjoyed it and I will come back in March. The logistics went very well.
Sorry for a got cold the two last days. Howewer, thank you for your service.
Best regards,
Jon Tveit / Holmastrand GK


Belek, Sirene, 19.11
To Lena & Mustafa
I thank you for a splendid service, kind smiles – and the nice weather you made for me here in Belek.
It\’s no doubt…I\’ll be back!
Till next time – your friend,
Johnny Bjorndahl 🙂
Hemsedal GK + Asker GK, Norway


Belek, 13.11
Thank you for a wonderful stay at hotel Melissa Garden and the golf courses – Tat and National.
Everything was excellent and we were well taken care of. A special thank to Elena for her charmful
guidance through the hole week.
Gunnar Fiskerud (Oslo GK)
Ivar Eriksen (Gronmo GK)
Leif Ajaxon (Gronmo GK)
Leif Arne Ekeheien (Gronmo GK)


Belek, 12.11
To Elena and Belka Golf! 🙂
We love this place! We have played Sultan, Tat, National, Cornelia…!
All courses were very good – we liked Sultan and Cornelia Best!!!
We have lived in hotel Susesi…Top Excellent – everything!
We are looking forward to come back next year!
Thank you very much Elena..
Ingjerd Strand (Randsfjord GK)
Aage Strand (Randsfjord GK)
Kjell Sparby (Gran GK)
Jorunn Sparby (Gran GK)
Tom Erik Andreassen (Tyrifjord GK, Hakadal GK)
Solveig B.Andreassen (Tyrifjord GK)
Torstein Ulsnes (Randsfjord GK)
Olaug Watterud (Randfjord GK)


Belek, 11.11
To Elena & Mustafa!
Our friends!
The very personal way you have approached us as your
customers is really a very fine way of behaving and
giving us the best way to meet golf in Turkey!
You are always there for us, always wanting to give us
\’the little extra\’.Our friends in Side (Hüseyin) –
was a great treat and experiance.And Ahmed\’s story on a
language only we understand – was great.So –
thank you so much!We will tell all that we know how great
it is to spend one week of golf in your trust!
Roar Dons, Marcus Dons, Magnus Dons Brondbo, Kristoffer Dons Brondbo/ Tnomso GK


Belek, 08.11
Thank you for a nice golf vacation. We played National, Sultan and Pahsa. Beautiful courses. We lowed them.
Melissa Garden was a okay place to stay.
Thank you.
Rolf and Astrid Tubaas


Belek, 25.10.-01.11
We have spent a week in a warm and sunny environment. The boys have enjoyed 5 beautiful days at the very good
golf courses. The girls have hired a car and gone to Belek and Side. A disapointment was the cold water in the pool
and the tack of running the water slides..But all in all we had a good holiday and had a lot of fun.
Ola, Elisabeth, Joachim, Lena, Elin Bjerke.
Oppegaard GK


Belek, 23.10.-30.10
Thanks to Belka for a very nice stay at Kaya Belek and for your hospitality. We loved the weather,
the area and the golf courses. We will be back, for sure.
Best regards from
Bjorn Forsmo, Aase Forsmo,(SKI NORWAY)
Jan Widar Osaland, Gunn Mathisen : (GJERSJOEN NORWAY)


Belek, 29.10
Thanks for a very nice holiday. Spended week. Everything was perfect. We will come back – for sure.
Best regards from
Notteroy GK
Anne Grethe Liland, Knut Liland, Lüsette Klev, Svein Klev